Sunday, November 7, 2010

Importance of group assignments and team work

Working in small teams is so beneficial and helps improve learning in the class setting. Especially in our group project with writing a newsletter/ newspaper for a community, you each bring something separate to the table, and also allow members to communicate different PR techniques and ideas to improve your overall project. Another benefit to working in groups is the opportunity to improve your own communication skills.

Personally, I love working in groups; I love seeing how other people think and work, and I love to merge different ideas together to incorporate a whole new idea, possibly even better than the one idea you thought of solo.

I usually am a little apprehensive when group assignments are on the schedule of a class. I have very negative experiences when it comes down to being in a team for group assignments in college. I love to get work done on time and talk with team members about different thoughts and ideas.

This last group assignment we had to complete with the newsletter was the best team assignment i have ever completed in college. My team members were on top of the ideas, brought a lot of different perspectives to the table, and we had numerous sessions to talk our ideas over with each other. Communication is key to success.

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  1. I love the name of your blog. That's creative. I really hope we are in the same class together in the winter. At least then we know our group project will work out great!